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Thomas Hale
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Thomas Hale is a serial entrepreneur and multi-talented award-winning filmmaker. His fascination with storytelling began at the early age of thirteen when his father would bring a scientific video camera home on the weekends. Inspired by Bruce Lee films, he would cast all the neighborhood kids to participate in his short martial art films.


At an early age Thomas has been passionate about storytelling from other points of view. Understanding through the eyes of other cultures always fascinated him. After college he had an opportunity to travel the world in a rock band and participated in one of the largest rock tours in the Soviet Union igniting his interest in other cultures. His passion for creating music and film has taken him to many countries, absorbing cultures and experiences which has ultimately influenced his storytelling.

Crafted Storytelling

As a filmmaker, Thomas is committed to making fresh, new, inventive work. His bold style of filmmaking and carefully crafted storytelling mixed with his natural ability to capture tone in such a beautiful, nuanced, and cinematic way is exciting, relevant, and pushes genres across commercial and video platforms.

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